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Devastating tornado that came through is a lot of structural damage in this area. Red hair in his public safety director in Bensalem tornado is also the damage in southeast Ohio. Former Senator Carl Levin has died. The Democrats spent 36 years representing Michigan in the Senate. He had suffered lung cancer. Levin was 87 America's Listening to Fox News tell you Jr traffic and weather First. This report is sponsored by Compassion International for kids in poverty around the world. Things are still desperate, Joint Compassion International with your one time $40 gift to provide a covid relief kit to a family in poverty. Text the word Give 283393 That's give 283393 Slowest spot on the board. Construction delays in Utica and 59 West found between am 53 under seven minute delay there because you're left two lanes are closed for construction, and till Monday at five a.m.. Now. WJR weather first from the Weather Channel. We are expecting a pretty good weekend could see some thunderstorms on Saturday and Sunday. But today it's supposed to remain dry. Some clouds and sun, lower humidity A nice tempt to a high of 74. Tonight partly cloudy your low 57 sun and cloud straight shower possible on Saturday clouds. Scattered thunderstorms looks like 50% chance of rain on Sunday. A high of 77 partly sunny 64 degrees. I'm Danielle Clark wjr Traffic and Weather First the WJR Voting report sponsored by Colonie Marine for Lake ST Clair, The Detroit River in the West Shore of Lake Erie. North Winds 15 to 20 knots waves 4 to 6 FT. It's been called The New Socialism, the Goals of which are universal, basic Income free Health Care Free College and more now, Rob Schmidt is on Newsmax pushing back

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