More Questions Than Answers With Paul Beam


Today. Special guests founder of man camp true north organization in the host of the true north man. Podcast paul beam. Welcome to the show. Paul that glad to be here. Michael things are happening brother. Thanks for being on. Thanks for taking the time. So tell us a little bit about your Your show your organization little just a brief history on what it is and what you do sir. Yes so turn. North man exists. To help man experience freedom of fulfillment by tapping more into their identity in their purpose Really helping them figure out what direction that is. They would like take regardless of fulfilling their purpose. Man camp is one of our bents. We hosted two weekend events and that is kind of where we just start spread in the circus if you will of really walk through a process kinda helps them Dive into vision. Identity and purpose for life As far themselves small town texas boy here in a little town called bertram in middle of central texas and the so as far as Started man cap in two thousand fifteen out here. In the middle of central texas town called weren't twelve acres and since then we have. We have moved into another small town called mullin texas where we have thirty two makers now and so we. We started with the twelfth fifteen guys. At our first event we now cap it at one hundred thirty men at each of our bits.

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