Melissa Victor, Host of Stoopkid Stories, on Exploring Race, Equity and Injustice With Children


Coming off the heels of all of the uprising in america. That happened during the middle of twenty. You know kids were so much more aware one because they weren't focused on being in school all day and All they had was their tablets. Tv's they could just see all of the terrible injustices happening in america. And of course. I wanted to be part of a project where kids who were getting this negative Picture from the media can also switch to podcast where them they are celebrated. They are affirmed and they have an opportunity to learn about themselves in other people who may not look like them In contrast what we will see in in the media in. I thought it was so important that we started at the route. You know for a young black girl or young chinese boy or young latino girl to sit and listen to these stories like all this is me this is why am i like fried chicken analog kimchi or we lay off edges and then we put rice water out here like we do all of these things in. That's amazing into watch that grow to stories about. How do we enter. Maverick identities having interact with other identities. And then get into the icke part. Okay now interacted with these other identities. What happens when someone who doesn't look like me Interacts with me in a harsh way. How would it my feelings around that. How do i how do i navigate that as a five six seven. Eight year old So watching the trajectory of the series. Go from this. Is who i am and this is how i deal with. Other people was a great magical in very fulfilling

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