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Is a secular holy place to texas. it's holy because in eighteen thirty six. The story goes that it was the site of an epic battle to make texas independent from mexico story for going on two hundred years. It's always been that. You know. Jim buoy davy. Crockett all went down in texas to fight. This dashed her mexican dictator. Santa ana course. Everybody was surrounded and killed. Texans lost at the alamo but that battle was said to be a turning point those men who died there were martyrs because after that taxes was finally able to defeat mexico texan colonists were fighting for liberty they were fighting against oppression and they chose to give up their lives at the alamo so that we could what has become the modern american state of texas. That's why some texans still repeat the famous battlecry. Remember the alamo to honor the martyrs who died. There and texans are fiercely protected of this history. I'm eighty miles north. I rallied down. To the alamo plaza. Every time there was a protest that threatened to turn angry. It's all i would do. And so this past june. Brian heard about a protest at the alamo. He didn't think much of it. I w live from the alamo along with some of my friends come down here today to again. Defend the alamo. But this time it was a bit of a clash between two groups protesters from the latino. Civil rights group showed up and argued with these cammo clad militia types. We're here because lou. Lack wants to honor the mexico soldiers who died in the fight in eighteen thirty six battle. The alamo a latino. Civil rights groups had suggested that mexican soldiers who died at the. Alamo might also be honored there along with the texans who died now. If you're a texan you're probably going a bunch bullshit. You don't honor tyrants in texas on one side protesters from that. This is texas freedom. Force carried large automatic rifles on the other side latino. Protestors were armed with a book called. Forget the alamo. The rise and fall of an american myth specifically. It was brian's book. We saw protesters with the book on alamo plaza. That was the first time we realized that moore was happening or more was going to happen. We expected the new book for the alamo has set off a fierce battle over texas founding legend which brian did not expect. It's intended to be a fun. Accessible open friendly urging to just reconsider and be open to new ideas. You did call it. Forget the alamo. Look forget the. Alamo is the necessary provocation. To get you to turn your head if we had written a book called reconsidering the alamo would. We steered asli be here today. No this week. We reconsider the alamo. A conversation with journalist. Brian burrow about a fierce fight over a regional myth gets to write history who gets to define the meaning of monuments. And what happens when a miss shatters. I'm joy on goria. This is the experiment. Show about our unfinished country. Growing up in texas. Where they're we's that. The alamo popped up in your everyday life. Well the classic thing is just anytime you're in any type of fight Throwing rocks with the kids down the street or e. Somebody would always yell. Remember the alamo. I mean that's just the fact especially beginning in the twentieth century any type of popular discourse involving attacks especially texas politician especially anything to do with the military. Somebody's gonna invoke the alamo is just it's it's shorthand it shorthand for fight to the death fight. You know. fight as hard as you can. And it's always been that way. Brian was taught this legend in his seventh grade. Social studies class in texas seventh grade. Social studies means mandatory texas history britain by the state board of education. Oh yeah because there was no alternative. There was no alternative narrative for any of us to even begin to understand. This has always been the story that that's been toll of erosion anglos doing battle against nefarious. Mexicans You know. Santa ana has been held up for going on two hundred. Years is kind of the vault amort of the texas revolution. If we had a natural villain texas it would be santa ana by hundred yards. of course. This story wasn't only told in texas. There's as many different types of alamo movies is. There are movies going all the way. Back to the nineteen teens. The first great one. And by that

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