K.T. McFarland: Left is Changing U.S. From Free Market Democracy to Socialist Country


Everything is falling apart. Katie mcfarland he's making jimmy. Carter looked like ronald reagan. Yeah and and here's what they're doing They're they're going to change the united states from a free market democracy to socialist country with no no public support for just a few race in congress because with the kind of debt spending. They're going to do they're going to have to have such an onerous taxes are taxes can be higher than taxes in china and that is a communist country so they're legislating us a socialist communist country and in the thing. I guess i'm just one of the most offended by is the border catastrophe. They know what they're doing. This is not some mistake. There are letting they know they can't win in two thousand and twenty two or two thousand twenty four. The american people are not behind the agenda. Then american people don't like what these guys are selling. So what are they doing. They're letting in millions and millions of american of illegal immigrants. They're placing them and positioning eum in red states and they're going to grant them citizenship. An amnesty so that those people can vote in two thousand twenty two in two thousand and twenty four and the biden administration the democrats for who they gonna vote for. They're gonna vote for the democrats because look. We gave them citizenship. Let them in. We're giving them all sorts of benefits so to me. It just subverting the whole notion of a constitutional elections and constitutional governance and democracy and free market capitalism. They plan to win. And there is a socialist america dominated by one party and one wing of that and they do it in a bare knuckled. Hardball manner they really do. They're right in our face. I saw senator. Mike lee on tv this week. Say the american people won't continue to stand for tyranny and we can't i mean we just can't k- this is this has gotten so

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