A highlight from S2E19: The Goecaching Vlogger


You can also sign up for the geocaching adventures newsletter which features upcoming episode information behind the scenes articles and other fun articles and information. I'm putting the spoiler here at the beginning this week because we talk about so many great geocaches that joshua has found and there are some spoilers about those throughout the entire episode. Besides just the cash highlights so spoiler alert for the entire episode. This interview was recorded using zoom in may sound different than other podcast audio. Hello everybody amy shadow dragon. One here and with me is joshua the geocaching vlogger. Thank you so much for joining us. Oh my gosh amy. It is so good to talk to you. And the people may not realize i actually get to see your face because we're using zoom but i did get to see your face in in moga at in kentucky so you said south low low to either so it was that the first time we've we've chatted but it's probably the first time we've chatted at any length of time so this excited exciting so glad to be talking about my favorite topic. Which is yes i actually. I was standing in line at the The the the geo tour coin thing to get my coit. And i i caught you out of my i. I was like i literally sit there the whole time working up the courage and i'm like oh my gosh. It's geocaching blogger. I don't bite right up to me. I would've been glad to talk to. I love talking to kashgar's especially about geocaching so well. I'm glad you work up the courage. I'm so glad you didn't you don't actually think about. That's not the first time we talk. We talk inside. I think right. Did we talk inside. I or was it was it outside. I can't remember. I don't remember i. I thought it was like later on that night inside. We talked for the first time so regardless you worked up I think that's what i think. That was when i just like real briefly said hi. I have a podcast. Here's my car. Would you even consider coming on it. And then i believe maybe later that evening i. We may have chatted for a few minutes but yeah and i was like confirmed. I've heard of your podcast. I would love to be on it. And so i'm glad to be here super glad to be here. I do appreciate you joining me today. So for starters. Can you tell us what your geocaching name is. Ju- gosh name is geocaching. Lauder no schalke. On youtube on youtube. My branding is the geocaching blogger. But i decided you know for my actual geocaching name. You know i. it's okay. I can drop the geocaching longer. It's fun funny though. Because i changed my name because i've been geocaching for a little over thirteen years. And when i started geocaching caching name was mayberry man. Because i have a love. For the old andy griffith show and so when i started and then when i started the blog like three years after i started because of log has been going for ten years. Now i changed my name to geocaching blog. I think i just thought i'd eliminate the confusion. And just have everything the same yup. Sense geocaching blogger. Or if you see it on youtube. The very don geocaching blogger. Although there are many. There are many geocaching bloggers. But i was. I was probably one of the first ones are at least the first person to use that name well and if you forget to put the in in the search it does still come up. I can confirm that so ask. That's a really big relief. So you said you've been doing this for about thirteen years. How did you get started geocaching. I had some friends that had talked to me about it way way back it was. I think a science teacher like an elementary science teacher and he mentioned it to me. I you know. I thought it sounded interest- interesting but nothing ever like stock and everyone's like oh. This sounds

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