A highlight from 135: They Call Us Doogie Kameloha, M.D.

They Call Us Bruce


When i think about it it's gross but when you need it it's good low and welcome to another addition of they. Call us bruce and unfiltered conversation about what's happening in asia america. I'm bill you and i'm jeff yang on this episode. We have a very very special group guests. We have the creators and star of the brand new. I don't even want to say reboot like the brand new show coming to disney plus doogie camilla md. Melvin mar courtney can and payden elizabeth. Louis thank you so much for coming on the show. Thanks for having us do. Yes thank you so much for big fans of your work in. It's really exciting. I know we know each other from around. And it's really exciting to you guys. It's just like a family and really you know but honestly there's something about shows that's reach back into our nostalgic past and get rebooted That is very close to our hearts here. And this one i mean i remember. I actually remember watching the show and thinking that guy should be asian like back in my where did are they gonna do. Rebooting doogie howser come from Sort of wall sort of the end of the towards the end of fresh off the boat. I was talking to the studio about what we could. You know what we could do next and it was funny because at the time. Johnny davis was running the studio and we were talking about Basically he was wondering what other asian thing we could do but he didn't actually say the words what other asian thing we can do and he said would you like to do and i Was a big fan of Do i My mother way to russia's home from dinner were out to watch it you know and then we got a vcr and we could tape it after that but So it kinda stuck with me. And i said to him I'd like to do another version of that. You know in the end this time In asian person. And i thought like it'd be better as an asian girl because i have a daughter and i thought like girls are smarter. And that's that's kind of weird came from in literally. The snacks call was courtney she was like the one person that popular in my head and that was it i called her and she said no does it digital freely say according i think i passed four times because in defense i have because i was like melvin caught me and he was digging hauser but it's an agent girl and i was quiet involving makes fun of me. 'cause he said the quiet until he was like i have you. It's a good idea. And i was like. It's a phenomenal idea. I was like. I think it's great. I i want that show for my for my family. I was like but weiser called doogie howser. You have some asian girl in the center of it like this doesn't make any like what are you. What are you doing now. Says you'll figure it out like he always does. Which means your problem. Not i believe in you. But i but but but i believe in you but also a vote of confidence like true producer and so long story short of thinking about it. I did think it was a great idea and you know i always wanted to do a show. That was a little bit about my family and So i really was incentivized to try to figure this out and the idea came to me. of what. If you did a reboot that sort of set in our world like doogie howser with just a show and so it was like what have we just make it. it's it's her nickname. And then i got really excited about that. And the other thing. I got excited about. Was you know i was born in hawaii. And there's just a certain vibe there. In one of the things that i think is so great about hawaii is that it's one of the places that asians feel very welcome. There's something about it when you go there like i grew up in. You know outside of philadelphia. Everybody's always like. Where are you from like. Everyone needs me and wants to do the math. Like who i am and what my family is in hawaii. That doesn't happen. It totally makes sense. And i really love the idea of setting show in a place where most of the folks would be. You know. native people asian people like that was just sort of the norm.

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