A highlight from 09/22/2021 - Hour 2 - Tom Brady and the 'Softer' NFL


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You're listening to fox sports radio. It is the. I am chris. He is rob. We are coming to. You live from the fox sports radio studios our number two. On the worship wednesday we got fowler fair with our man. Jr gamble from mlb brew needs to know coming up at the bottom of the hour and also rob. We have a big announcement. We have a new. Affiliate we are welcoming the blitz eleven seventy in tulsa oklahoma the blitz welcoming them to the family. The couple family and to the radio family. They will be carrying the last two hours of the show every night. Starting tonight. I believe seven. Pm to nine pm central time. And they are the whole of the oklahoma state cowboys so welcome Blitz eleven seventy. We are excited to be on your air and shout out to all the folks out there in tulsa oklahoma. Have you been oklahoma. No never been oklahoma. There's still a handful of stuff. Never been alabama never been. There's like north dakota south dakota you don't like all those wyoming and never been everywhere. Idaho iowa i've never been any of those places i've been aita. Aho been lived in iowa for a couple years. Mississippi been through there. never been never been alabama. Don't believe but i have been to oklahoma. 'cause you know when oklahoma city was there i'd be there for a lot of games and so well that's right. Welcome to the party. Alex gave ready. Okay could you know. I've had my chris. You just said you would been new. Idaho yup i had my private idaho. But that's about it shows get ready. He's ready with this. Thank god rush. Green was at rest green. Ross listening knows big. Sold by the b fifty. Two's alex no private. I never heard of private idaho. I don't think so they can. We woke poverty auto. What can we just move on. Please chris song either no rob bill. He come on. I heard of them but never heard of the private idaho. Never that makes three of us you over three. You struck out. Says you mr baseball you just hey you know what. And it's really bad because we have everybody included a black guy hispanic guy to white guy. Nobody knows the song. Think about that. How why let's just move. Can you look up. Yeah yeah did you. Ever see uncle drew the movie. No i do believe add well. It's only bt. I got my tv's on there's no gain. I got one baseball game on it. And i got drew on and you know i turn the volume up during the break. It so far is early but so far. It's actually pretty good movies like that while you try to take like a skit and turn it into a full length. Movie usually don't work out. Well i in my thought about it. But like i and even i don't even get into the movie deal. They're like forty minutes in or something like that so they got this comedian. Rail is ending that real. Yeah he's in it surrou- railroad whatever. His name is. what's his name. Rob g little rail. Yeah he's seems to be star but it so far it looks pretty good so i'm gonna have to check it out when i when i hear the sound all right. Let's go to the nfl. Of course and tom brady. Forty four years old off to a great start. Rob nine touchdowns two interceptions thrown for a bunch of yards. He was talking on. I believe sirius. Xm radio and he was talking about the game. He started off talking about a lot more of these running quarterbacks today than usual used to see and he talks about that in says the reason he believes that is or one reason is because the game is a lot softer than it used to be. Here he is. There's a lot of plays in hits. That are happy on quarterbacks. Now that are flags for defensive players. That probably weren't that way ten or fifteen years ago. So i'd say the game is a little softer than it used to be. You know. I think the defensive players are more on the defensive when they go into tackle and i think. That's probably adding to this element of quarterbacks outside the pocket and taking more chances you know than than they did in the past. Tom breath fine. Yeah he's totally right. And i and i would throw this in and it'd be interesting to hear what his thoughts on this. We always talk about this rob.

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