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Inside subic is tiny. We'd looking craig rebel. And we're joined by arab coach today looking at Winning series. We're joined by barry ron who is chained. Principal and cow on erebus shannon cali the managing director george commons rice engineer. On and the driver account on. i'm not on. I'm sorry being pretty sticky. Welcome to you all. It's terrific divey here. Not the right circumstances on no because when racing or you're raising but we wanted to talk about the winning procedures but what it means in the theme of it is really looking at what's requirement of it vary will start off with you is the necessities of trophies and hattie go about the process of winning. And how important is you know. I guess it's individual that my mindset since of and remembers in just wanna win. Everything do and frustrates a lot of people. Because it's personal as well as rising every on just want to say whether it's the business and making the business succeed or winning. Try few on a sunday or a saturday it's It's all the same for mesa. But yeah they're out of c- different facets to it and He we wanted to seven. Bathurst is a good example and in two thousand eight. Aim we we all but one so. We didn't win the trophy. We won that weekend. Will the best team we. We rolled out with the the best. Slogan cow did everything we could rot. We lead the rice for like thirty something laps and then one one item filed and Yeah that that's all you need. But the end of the day we win. You will the best time there and unfortunately didn't win. But you know you can take that box and say we did the job we needed to do to. We not die. George rucker unix. Because you've been involved in this business for quite a few years now and you traveled internationally and competed joining a new minutes. You start of the year. We'll just wanted to find out about what it means to you. The price is the trophies needed. And what what's required on little bit. Ariane was wanna be at the front. I wanna make sure that when you leave a weekend you've done over the need began to give you. That'll janati will do the job. That opportunity to win Going into the many. We have two rupees expectations. Were really sure there weren't really sure of exactly what expectations dying today I think we'd police say to them pretty quickly in terms of being able to run in the top ten no even on the top five a cheap prices inside those integrate. That was a window style with. I think we proved gets the podium with. We've got to do it now. We made actual. I think if we can get one of those issues and that's a good outcome at brighty you came into this year as a rookie but one who'd already presented credentials to be. There is very either would argue that you haven't showed more than more than successfully as what you're capable of doing. You've always had a bonded of winning. I believe yeah death. Last week you one hundred percent to be a competitive person to be in a spot the wherein and at at the end the day we are for trophy nuts. You know anything love ever really cared about. So an it's all these other little factors that determine yet here out common. We've had some good runs a share but My like george touched on we just They get a small couple of a little wins as attainment. We'll be right there chattan. You've very quickly come from a background way. You were with a number of the teams. Now you're in a position of of quantum pounding specifically but Stripe obviously decision maker. Can you win without me. Personally i suppose as you said. I've come from a background of a different role. It's very different to your berry. Jordan birdie where i spurs they have a direct connection to the performance on track whereas mara has always been very different. Words in the commercial appeal media. Side of the company are olarte. We'll we'll Ah proud of the winds on track for made is certainly being the wings off track whether that be a in two thousand nineteen which were the last crown best presented team so also we still the things like that Pr campaigns that will put off Landing a new sponsor which has proven that. We've basically i start as it's nice secret that we had a bit of an eye of a whole at the end of last year and senior in new rookie drivers coming and also the new cotonou smullen you to the sports are aiding in my world And i think everyone can be a gray including barry that. There's a win the team as well so nice seeing you pot in his come on board and then and growing and developing that relationship that to win that is part is For myself personally is more of a direct connection to bury knowing the you've got any night bold with desire to compete enter. Get on top eight season. Do you sit down and draw up a criteria for every member of the team. Is there a by a benchmark. Or i have to achieve on now. They wouldn't be in l. Team that law slogan. Saying if you don't see that from the word guy said if they're not the right person that you can see deny rising with a win just done not because you you decide you. You gotta be careful when you employ people in mike show the either person say i really needed city criteria for my severe or all of that now because of all they're really well self driven self-motivation. It's no good job site. Yes it makes you job easy when you a really any because you feel like. You're doing nothing in this spicy this on when you go in a good position and it's good management if you feel like you doing nothing that means you teams doing everything which is Sort of where where we finish the rising already in in this little break nasr being really good at a lot of self motivated people done a lot of things to make sure we take the next steps. I now i i basically get stale. Can we or should we do this. And mice with mr thomas suggestions from good staff. And that's that's what you want that so economical jordan. You've worked for a number of years with young drivers now. Obviously that's what arab is about. Now they've To circled rookies but both fees competitors by done winning. Now what that's like. Do you have different benchmark away. You go about things because they are rookies coming into series with the purchase. A little bit different in terms of its the trying to take them as many things you. She can't as well as work for them. In terms of setup in cobb foam is not civil saying But brady particularly is very experienced anyway but we can still learn things from each other or not can still present these things to him. I think that's the biggest difference with younger. Draws is that far more receptive to that mostly and that's been really good this year. They have to have that again. Be able to bad saudis backwards. Since i think we need to be on this. He driving as on the areas Work on and you know approaches to qualifying and hey hey yvonne that loss of two tenths on a second round that little I don't think so. I we've been doing quite well not so even basing things in this break at noble of working around life's little bodies which is really good window. She more in the next couple of weeks in the lord. Yeah brighty we know our you our and how the you had thoughts. I need that you will get to be going to win every session every rice you can. But there's another part of the business which you've really now count means food When you rising with the kostecki brothers it was a different scenario. You didn't have the same requirement but now you have sponsors coporate partners that they play a large role in the job of winning. Can you tell us about how you cope

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