A highlight from YouTube Views, Subs and Likes, which is better?


Do you like our listeners. Quinn yes or no one hundred percent of the time. I cannot remember one instance where i'm not like our viewers. We're just great. That is not something you can say about audiences on the internet. So that's right. So we're we're a podcast. Were testing some video today. You or may not be watched inch so you may be of you. Were today gwen. you work at hearst. Tell me tell me about that are you. What are you doing over there. So look at as we know we are living in a world that is transitioning to digital a you know a hundred plus year publishing company is no exception to that are print divisions are doing robustly as well but hey it's always good to future proof your business and that's what we're doing exactly now by experimenting in the digital space so so many great brands that i work with on a day to day basis to do fund digital video. Okay and for you the listener or the viewer as it may be. You should Subscribe to this. Just check that subscriber followed button on the podcast. After your choice gwen. Today i thought we might sort of compare and contrast views subs and likes which is better what he thinks. Oh fascinating i am i. This is going to be all off the top of my head. Which is the way. I like it. And i can't wait to dig into the interplay between those three things so the youtube view is perhaps it's probably between the youtube. It's between the youtube view and the youtube subscriber for perhaps the most famous social media metric. Would you say there's another more famous metric like instagram followers. Or something like that. I would say the king of them all is. Yeah the youtube you by far and and the subs and but but And people say you know. I've got a million subs. I got one hundred thousand subs right. Well you know which is better. Which should we which we focus on the view or the sub to begin with which is more important. would you say look from a pure strategy standpoint. the view is way more important than the subscriber. If you talked to youtube they like subscribers is a thing but they don't look at your subscriber base at all in terms of your you've got four million subscribers. You're gonna get more pushing. The algorithm that is that is not true. That's a that's a myth. Youtube does not look at your subscriber base at all. The only thing it's kind of useful for is to like a brand like i have five million subscribers. Give me money. But i will tell you. What's over the past five years. That's diminishing returns Brands are very savvy. Now that the. I don't carry five million views. I'm gonna go see what your average jews and your videos of the last three months are and that's what they're going to value at not based on your subscriber base so getting too hung up on that subscriber number can prevent you from growing on youtube and making money. So so what you're saying is there might be of Channel that has a ton of subs and they might just say. Hey abro. i've got five million subs. You need to give me a lot of money to sponsor this channel. Do a brand deal however they may not really have a lot of us because all of their subs came five years ago. The channels plateaued elf. Absol- in this is becoming more and more prevalent as the platform ages so the plenty of channels who you know grew their subscriber base in two thousand fourteen. Two thousand fifteen but over time have say burned out on the platform. They just don't publish as much. They've gotten less popular in the platform. They're just not the thing in the zeitgeist anymore and people don't tend to unsubscribe if they don't see your content. That's the we. The weird irony of the platform. Is that you lose subscribers when you upload you have some of these channels at just don't upload regularly anymore still have the door mints subscribers sitting there when they do uploaded video. Now it's getting ten thousand views twenty thousand views so the fact they have a small proportion. It's not translating into views. Exactly it's a small proportion of that five million as we as we transition been test our video here. I'm going to have to stop drinking my red juice. Because i can see. It's making my lips red and this is going to be very interesting. I'm not wearing any sort of lip gloss lipstick. But i'm gonna work on that for our next video up your makeup gain if you're going to be not team in here So so if you're if you're thinking about what to ask for when you're making a video and you want to call to action your viewer on an activity. Should they really be subbing or should they be viewing. Which is you know or some other thing like a like or some other thing. This is very interesting. And i love your perspective. I think that you and i both agree. The number one thing you should occur in the do is watch more watching. More action is what triggers the algorithm to. Show the more. So you want to increase. The percentage of click through rate. They have on your videos and a great way to do that as encourage them at the end of video to clock on it now would be very interested to see

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