Militia Leader To Be Sentenced in Minnesota Mosque Bombing


The leader convicted in two thousand seventeen bombing at a mosque in Minnesota faces sentencing today the leader of an Illinois anti government militia group who thirty say was the mastermind behind the two thousand seventeen bombing of a mosque in Bloomington Minnesota Emily clear hair he was previously known as Michael Hary and recently said she is transgender faces a mandatory minimum of thirty years in prison for the attack on the dar al Farooq Islamic center several worshippers were gathered at the center to pray when a pipe bomb was thrown through the window open imam's office co defendants said that Harry let the group and came up with the plan to attack the mosque motivated by a hatred for Muslims cited in the manifesto known as the White Rabbit handbook Kerry's attorney Shannon Elkins is asking U. S. district judge Donovan Frank for no more than the minimum thirty year sentence and says the gender dysphoria and misinformation fueled Aries inner conflict that led to the bombing prosecutors are seeking a life sentence well no one was physically hurt in the attack prosecutors say the bomb was an act of terror I'm Jennifer king

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