Biden Declassifies Secret FBI Report Detailing Saudi Nationals' Connections to 9/11

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By the administration has declassified a report. The ties the nine eleven hijackers to saudi nationals. Living in the us victims families have wanted to see the sixteen page report for years. Npr's laura sullivan has more. The newly released report was written by. Fbi agents at the end of an investigation called operation. Encore it examined possible ties between the hijackers and the saudi arabian government. The report does not dry any conclusions about government involvement but it does link to saudi nationals one with diplomatic status to the hijackers far more closely than has been previously known. The report found the two men helped or tasks others to help some of the hijackers and found both men had ties to well-known extremists. The saudi government has maintained that any ties are coincidental and says that it had no previous knowledge of the attacks. The biden administration meanwhile has promised to release more documents. In coming

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