US Gymnasts Blast FBI for Allowing Sex Abuse


Sad sad story. The olympian soem byles alley race. Been others top. Gymnasts in america arrive vay have said now and you know they. They talk to the senate judiciary committee today. Hey it was hard working. It really was man But they said that the fbi of all organizations the fbi mishandled. The larry nassar investigate turned blonde. I did they. They called. Larry nassar row chris years ago. And they didn't do anything about it. i mean. it's all heartbreaking. But when i read this this really hit me. Allie race been told the senators. It took over fourteen months rob for fbi agents to contact her after her initial report of national sexual assaults to usa gymnastics in june. Twenty fifteen fourteen. I you go and you tell what's going on and it takes them fourteen months to get back to you. They should be at his office the next day or these chris within twenty four hours and be like we have a complaint. And we need to find what's going on here we got. We need because this is. This is the issue and people. Just you can say could've save so many other girls from going through that us. Yeah so many. That's why when you have people who'd kind of misconduct and assault on young women and young boys. You has to be stopped. They won't stop. You gotta stop

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