Broadway Will Not Disclose Box Office Grosses


You probably know usually the broadway league releases figures every monday about box office grosses. They're not releasing those this year. They they've said stuff about like well you know plays are staggered is not the same. Also there's There's reduced reduced shows for a lot of shows. Not everybody's doing eight shows a week so we don't know i do know that waitress that the night it opened they did make an announcement that waitress itself had broken All the previous broadway records for single performance ticket sales. They made it almost two hundred thousand dollars in ticket sales But besides that all when i was at passover tusa empty seats When i was at hagerstown. I didn't see a single one and i'm sure that last night i think the odds are very good. That every seat was filled last night. They would have been sold out all the people who wanted to be part of that history. How it will continue that way.

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