A 'Lotl' Love For The Axolotl

Short Wave


Today we're talking all about axl models. The ever smiling salamanders of the animal kingdom so berlin mccoy. What makes these critters a heck in lot to start. I think it's helpful to talk about. What most salamanders grow up to be the big normally absorbed the heels on the leave the water and go in the adult could into the land. And that's all decided to don't do that. They decided to stay as juvenile and reproduced as unlv within the water. So that's the reason they tell them that they are forever young because yes they kept the young and still join us for the rest of their lives forever. Young salamander that's fantastical but scientifically. What does that even mean. So in the animal kingdom it's called nakatani for exiles. It means that even when they're grown up which in this case growing up for them means they can mate. They keep some of their juvenile features. Oh so do they keep the crown of gills. That lewis was talking about earlier. Yeah they do and they also keep the fin on their back that they had when they were tadpoles. And because of this axles. Don't leave the water. Like other salamanders eventually do got it. Okay so do we know why they do that. Well scientists think it could have something to do with the water where axles live like being a better habitat. Maybe it had plenty of food or clean water so they lost this metamorphosis step although the scientists can still trigger it in the lab if they use hormones and emily axles do something even cooler than being the poster child for the fountain of youth. If you cooked any part of their body it regrows again. We like a whole armor there. What about their head okay. They can't re grow their whole head but they can regrow essentially everything else and apparently it's not that big of a deal to regrow limbs because get this emily as babies axles will just snack on each

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