Democrats Release Details of Proposed Tax Increase


We have a full listed that point of the tax hikes that the democrats are proposing. Well i hope so. But i don't think they actually ever do stuff though do they. I mean Something's gotta fun to not only three and a half trillion dollars spending bill but i think estimates have about five five and a half trillion. Hugh yesterday was two trillion dollars in tax hikes. That's not enough. but i'll those proposed tax hikes. Which do you think is most egregious doubling the death tax or getting rid of the pass through which help small businesses look. The pass through is disastrous. Getting rid of that is going to be absolutely disastrous. One of the primary reasons that we believe that we had such a successful economy under president. Trump is because of that we we let small businesses grow. We let them thrive and remember. It's two thirds of new job. Growth is in the hands of small businesses so when we kill small businesses killer economy. We kill we. We basically kill communities it it it. It can't it can't be done. We gotta stop it. That you know what i don't understand. Alfredo they want to return the state local and property tax exemption but they want to get rid of stepped up basis. So that means they're gonna give with one hand and take away with the other. It doesn't make a lick of sense. Do you think any of this makes a liquor. No not at all. I mean look at what the top rate For example in new york city for earner center. It's going to be over. Sixty one percent is basically where we're going to be given in taxes between federal and state is just absolutely ludicrous. not this makes sense And again i think you know you look at representative clyburn for example. What did he say. Let's go ahead and spend first and then we'll figure out how to pay later which basically means we'll just bark you borrowing this idea of modern monetary theory. It's gotta go that. Basically we can just keep borrowing to spend all these social programs

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