A Guided Tour of the Four Jhanas, With Kenneth Folk

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Now. The first thing. I always wanted to do when i start. A concentration practice is recognized that i'm not yet meditating because of the last thing i want to do is say it's time time myself into a ball into a not which is not conducive to. I'm trying to so what i do. Go to move. I feel what's going on. And i noticed a one of the things that's going on this. I'm distracted selden at all which is fine now mind. But i don't want to lie about it so i fidget a look around cy. Oh jeez meditate. Now in at this point already. I'm starting to feel a little bit. Reigned in in other words to feel like the attention is coalescing little bit because after all i'm trying to find out what's going on and that's that's bringing me Calming me down a feeling. What's going on am i monitoring. I'm asking over and over again. What's my experience feeling. It and if i were to put a label on this kind of experience of having right now pre concentration i could say this is Melted make something up. Call this pre jonah. Jonah flavor and recognize the flavor because it's a particular combination of sensations

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