Los Angeles Lakers Pair LeBron and Russ. Will It Work?

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I wanted to zoom out and go over the big picture landscape with someone who talks on our airwaves every day about the nba. Dhs is favourite league. I think the one. And only the greatest showman in show business and tv for espn stephen smith. Our you sub man. How you doing man glad to finally be here. I'm thrilled to make it happen. You are out in la. So let's start there you talked. I was listening to you on. I take a few days ago. Talking about russell. Westbrook in the amount of pressure that's on russell westbrook. But tell me about you know how. How do you think he fits. Lebron how what are you looking for him. How does he have to changes game or does he have to change his game. Well listen. I think i think both have to modify to some degree. Lebron can't be as ball dominant as as he has been off making all the decisions. Because that's one of the reasons rusting wanna be in houston anymore as you. Well know Because he didn't want to be you know sitting on the sidelines. Playing the role of spectator being on the plane and roller spectator watching james audit. Well that's not gonna change lebron james. He's happy to be back home. He's happy to be la. He's happy to be on a title contender which he is on. We get all of that But in the end he still russell westbrook in you know credit to him. You know like. I told you we've had to be. We've all had to be critical of him at times. What we know that. He's an electrifying talent. The most athletic point guard we've ever seen in nba history. We know he's a walk in triple double and we also know. He never cheat to game with his effort when he's out on a court it's always one hundred percent and so when you look at the slow. Almost snail like pace that the lakers could could. Could you know what wouldn't prone to plan towards playing at at tom's in the past and now you've got somebody like russell westbrook all of a sudden and lebron having a night off. Ad having a night off isn't as daunting as it was the previous two years. I think that helps them during the regular season. And then i think once the postseason comes whatever it takes to win is what i think the character in russell westbrook and lebron james will do.

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