Texas Senator Joan Huffman on the Travesty of Bail Reform


Good friend of our show is a texas state. Senator joan huffman. There's thirty one members of the texas senate joan and represents st seventeen. She's joining us. On the mike gallagher. Show all across america State senator jonathan welcome aboard. How you doing right thank you. Thanks for having me morning. Good have you on a. You're the one and you give us a number since the democrats split. How many people have been murdered Because we don't have bail reform well best estimates which we get from crime stoppers their houston who had been telling these numbers now for really several years that they've been mounting since the the regular session there appears to be at least seven Murders that have occurred by individuals who would have been affected if bail reform had been Passed into law. So it's just a straight how Such a critical issue. I i don't think it's just to to houston in harris county. I think we're seeing this as a nationwide problem These repeat offenders who are being released with very little thought by liberal judges and to the streets that are causing you know heartbreak. Have it and it. It hits every

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