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United airlines becoming the latest in a growing line of companies which are mandating that employees get vaccinated in order to return to the office. It was also the first air carrier in that sector to make that move other companies like google facebook walmart and many others are taking the same approach if on barring k management professor here at the wharton. School joins us to discuss this issue of mass mandates vaccine mandates from a management perspective yvonne. Great to talk to you again. Hope you're doing well. Hi thanks for reaching out to me yes. i'm fine. how you thank you Any surprise that we're seeing this momentum right now by companies to make these calls and really kind of lay down the rules that they that they see they need to have Moving forward No not really Because what we are facing now ever more clarity. as that when individuals choose not to get vaccinated or choose not to Mask systematically they become back to They infect other people and this is what economists call an analogy they impose costs and others that they don't fully bear but companies do Confront the added costs of individual behavior. Because they see that you know other colleagues might equally become sick and therefore they take steps to what we call internalized exile tea which is make sure that He's behavior cannot spread further. So i'm not surprised that these companies are choosing to do that And i think it's an interesting element to bring up is somewhat of a distinction because you're you mentioned about how the companies is a whole really. Do have to focus on this. The employees probably person to person. Don't consider this as an element. Probably for the most part. Exactly exactly you know. When you choose to put on loud music at night blasting out because you feel like it you'd may not worry enough about your neighbors But the company Who all's employs the neighbors and who also has to think about that productivity Does have to care about that. So this is what we see as the first step where companies can You know take steps and the they also legally able to do that. Because of increased guidance where mandates candy implemented companies can ask about the status of explanations and So this is a big big big change to a couple of months ago. Just from a simple Guidance from the standpoint but also this is really a an urgent situation I wanted to be a bit alarmed. But delta is is not messing around the latest number. That came out just from the uk This morning show that fifty five percents. of the people who are in hospitals are unvaccinated. What what it means that even those who are vaccinated do get infected. They you know the episodes that much more benign and they are you know. The treatment is much easier but you know it is a very very infectious situation now and you know companies have to do every step. Do you have to also like wake up. Yup gone. I was gonna say. Do you expect then. And i'm gonna bring up an hour if you saw. The story was cnn about them. Firing three employees. They had kind of put an honor system in place telling people that they wanted them to get vaccinated before they returned to the office. Apparently couple of employees did not cnn reacted by firing them and it makes me wonder if whether or not this idea of an honor system that a lot of companies may have implemented telling their employees look. We need you to get the vaccine. We're not gonna mandate you showing us your card or showing us the digital information whether or not companies are going to go away from that say no we want to see that you did get vaccinated again. I have to just emphasize because it is so infectious. Now that the new delta varian that The cost of Infringing on individual freedoms are counterbalanced. By what is what. What the principal issue for companies as the business need or the need for routine business and they cannot conduct any business if everybody gets sick. And you know they can't deal with clients or they can't have the required meetings and some of them still need to be impersonal. They have to mandate You know man or stuff the offices so it is. It is clear situation to me You know whether the president will survive and people sue. I don't know we will see how it goes but People can't be trusted to be truthful. I mean when.

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