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To sterling hanging out. Find Saturday 700 wlw about 11 minutes away from your five o'clock report real quick look at the weather because I didn't do it earlier. Um may or may not be contractually obligated and tell you what the hell is going on. But here's the deal. Nine first 20 forecast this afternoon chance of showers Still high 78 tonight 62 showers early in the evening, clearing after that slight chance of it more tomorrow, 80 or so for your Sunday A chance of some scattered showers, The first of the week. Sunshine both Monday and Tuesday, and it will be lucky to hit 80. So I went from complaining about the Super hot too. Now you know, it's so cold. I can't handle it. Alright, I'll be complaining about real cold here in about three or four months or maybe five months. Something like that. It's 70 now your severe weather station 700 wlw. Glad you're long was wondering what's the most ridiculous thing you've thought about? Whether it's somebody in close quarters with you someone you've worked with, or whatever. What is it or what you've witnessed where people have gone and it had come to blows about or just verbal argument kind of scenario. Andrea, by the way, just message me, uh,

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