Jimmy Frattiano and the Two Tonys

Gangland Wire


To tony's came out from kansas city. That's what caught my eye on this. I was noodling around looking for stories and interesting stories on the internet. And i kind of knew about this. But i'd forgotten about it. They were kind of minor mob guys in kansas city. Their real names for anthony ran kato and anthony. Joseph trombley know. These guys are kansas city and they really were just muscle for hire who had been arrested many times in kansas city. And like you know ambitious. Young men in the fifties. They might want to go to california to be aware the street. You're paid with gold out there. In hollywood sleep with those hollywood stars and and make a lot of money and and really take their their act to someplace where the police didn't know they. They chicago outfitted already. Kind of put The boston place out there. A guy named jack dragana. Who was a boston and these guys show up and they probably had some. Somebody had gotten hold of somebody and said hey these two dudes are coming out. They're tough guys and and maybe you can use them. They're looking for work and renate some muscle. I got out there and they became part of mickey cohen's crew. Mickey cohen was a gambler and was had been connected with the East coast mafia for a long time. And he'd move out to los angeles and had a book going out there. A sportsbook is making money maker for the mom and so he. He took these two guys in to muscle people. You know somebody odi money or he thought somebody wannabes. Bookies was cheating ninety way he could send syndrome beano brand the two tonys out and and muslim

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