A highlight from Episode 1251 - Tom McCarthy


All right led do this. How are you. What the fuckers. What the fuck buddies. What the fuck knicks. what's happening. I'm mark mayor and this is my podcast. Wpf welcome to it. How's it going guys. Okay would you do this weekend did you. Are you are you out there. Dodging the delta. Wait for the omega. Wait for the omega. it's gonna burn your face off. I was out. I was out in the world. I'm sorry i don't mean to make light but sometimes what to do today on the show. I talked to tom mccarthy. Rit you know his work. He just i just saw stillwater and i really enjoyed the the writing which he did as well And directing. that was great I also his movie spotlight. He's a jersey guy he was he. He began working Doing sketch comedy in college. He's an actor. And all around interesting guy. Also a friend of lynn shelton's which i didn't fully realize until he mentioned it. He also directed the station agent Oh yeah and the visitor and win win. And i believe he co up due to talented dude I will get into what went down around this booking a little bit more before the interview because he was booked and there were some online controversy about the movie still water and then suddenly he wasn't booked and then he was booked. But i'll talk about that in a second. Let's talk about denver denver colorado. So i've had some thoughts right as many of you know about a week. After the comedy store opened. I started back up. I started going at it. Getting you know getting strong again. Getting my My muscle memory back in my chops together. Getting my calluses back for doing the stand up comedy at the nightclubs and then i did four shows. over the course of four thursdays in july dynasty typewriter. So once i got my calluses back. I just started doing the big riffs. Big riffing our twenty our twenty five working through the new material new thoughts the pain the glory the the confusion all of it dumped it into the big our riffs and then like as per how i was trained as to how as per how i came up. You know when you got the shit going. How do you tested out. Well you got to go to a comedy club. Look man comedy clubs honestly are still the best place to see. Stand up comedy you know once we polish it and it gets to a theater. It's a different thing. There's no frenzy. It's a it's a set piece for the most part a little room for a little riffing but for the most part you when you're out of theater you want to present the good thing the whole thing. The polish thing the thing as it comes together in the clubs. Sometimes you don't know what the fuck is going to happen. You try to seek. What's it ordering adnew. But i gotta be honest with you man. I hadn't been at a comedy club in a while over a year now. There's always been the way. I've done it man you'll work it out in the clubs and since i've been able to do theaters take it to the theater. And sometimes you work out more theater. But mostly it's in the trenches. And i had feelings had some feelings man i spiralled a bit after my thursday show and speaking of spiraling w t.f with mark mariners sponsored by better help online therapy people are trying to put their best foot forward during these tough times. But you still might not feel like everything is ok. In fact a lot of people are still feeling down and emotionally out of sorts for sure it might not be depression or total breakdown but even feeling a little bit off can we to a negative quality of life.

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