A highlight from Blind Guy Travels: Crossing the Street


Never see so first of all. I think he would make sense to start at the beginning. Could you talk a little. Bit about dr hartnett and kind of the the time when when she told you that i would be blind so it was mega steps and every step was in next. That was for them that previous fund and i remember that they should told me that most likely you will lose your eyesight. I just fainted right in our office. Just everything you know black out. And i came back when they gave me them something. You know to bring me back. So that's how. I would was the first time after that. There were more appointments in treatments and even experimental procedure in detroit. Where they tried injecting something into my is to make the retinas reattach but nothing. We're kind of what. What was your grieving process like that a never a grieving process unites was like. That's the deal you got the you need to deal with it. So i just asked because some families really kind of hits them very hard and they think about all the things. Their child can't do know what i remember is there was a young nurse. In the intensive care unit. When you have developed for science in op with cassandra helicase so you won't be an airline pilots. So what and that was. You know that deal. That was helpful. Show so you know you had very large ears back then. Sat all kill grow up. He'll grow into them or something. So it was another prediction which turned out to true so for i began my independence training at five years old. When i got my first came it was actually a pre came. Basically a square frame. That i would push ahead of me with both hands almost like mowing the lawn. It helped me learn. What different surfaces like asphalt or brick felt like teaching me to interpret the vibrations of a physical object. A year later. I graduated to a proper white-cain i to be measured for it since cancer. It's supposed to go up to your sternum. And sometimes even your chin. At the time i was working with an orientation and mobility instructor or owned them and i remember the instructor putting a tape measure against my chest to make sure he ordered the correct link that first cain was a non folding or straight came with a janke handle made out of the kind of foam you see on exercise equipment from the eighties. The flaky peeling kind. How marshmallow tip which helped it roll better on the ground soon though it became impractical. Since if i put the straight came down under my chair it would roll away or students could trip on and putting it by the classroom. Door wasn't an option. either. Since i wouldn't have time to grab it during fire drills when everyone would be stampeding out into the hall so my own teacher. Got me a folding king that breaks down the tent tentpole small enough that i could put it in my backpack. I haven't gone anywhere without one since as a student. My first task was to learn how to get from classroom to classroom inside my school. We'll play games. Where teacher would give me a location. And we'd see who could get there faster. He called time distance. Since the point of the exercise was to learn how long it takes to get from place to place one minute from my classroom to the nurse's office four minutes to the auditorium. I could practically count how many steps it took. I am on the sidewalk that is in front of my school. And we're just gonna go over how to cross. Once i mastered the indoor routes i had to learn the outdoor ones like how to get from the school's entrance to the parking space where my parents would pick me up and then i'll be good to go. I actually recorded one of these practice sessions when i was in high school. There's parallel traffic going in front of us. Relatively large didn't sound like a school. Bus sounded like a truck. Whatever yeah so. Yup i'm lined up and i'm going forward. Part of what i was. Learning here is how to use the bumpy plates. That are in a lot of sidewalks. Now what i called sidewalk braille and that was just my dad's car getting bumped and i'm on the other side of the sidewalk braille. Yes oh oops. I have to get to in the middle of the sidewalk trail the grass on my left by having my cane touch and what found the shrubs. So i'm gonna take a right. Go down to the sidewalk. Brel which i just bound go down from there. Turn and stop the best owen. Mt try ever had was named aaron ruby. My previous teachers would walk right next to me so if anything happened they'd be right there to help. Maybe they were worried about their own liability if they let me be too independent.

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