Author Melanie Kirkpatrick Describes Sarah Josepha Hale, the Original 'Lady Editor'


Woman as you said she was a major figure in the nineteenth century gigantic. Name but virtually forgotten really. I mean whoever talks about. Sarah jesse hail so just tell us about her generally speaking more about her life because she is a hugely influential figure. I imagine how influential she watched. I think she's one of the most influential women if not the most intellectual in our history on she was. She grew up in a little town in new hampshire. She was born in seventeen eighty eight. She was really a a woman of the eighteenth century and when her husband died she was in her thirties with four children by the oldest for seven and a fifth on the way she had to figure out a way to support herself. She liked to write her husband had told her she was good at it. So she got the masons the freemasons her husband had been a freemason and she started to write and the freemasons published her first book. A book of poetry then wrote a novel an anti slavery novel decades before uncle. Toms cabin and that caught the attention to detail and it caught the attention of an episcopal priest in a boston. Who was starting a a magazine for women and he invited her to come. There called the lady's magazine and be the first editor she did and she turned it into a big success. So much. so that louis goaty a publishing magnets in philadelphia decided he wanted her is editor of this book. Called his magazine called the ladies book and she wanted to stay in boston where her oldest son was in college and harvard. But so what domestic odi do. He bought her magazine so that he could get her and a. That was the beginning of uniform partnership that lasted until the I think it was eighteen. Seventy seven so for fifty years. She until she was almost ninety hale. Was this a towering figure in american

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