Call For US Federal Government To Make Vaccination Mandatory for Air Travel


A quick link over on cocky dot org yesterday. That really got me thinking. It's a piece in the atlantic by juliet. Kayem former assistant secretary for homeland security. During the obama administration basically arguing that the us federal government should make it a requirement for people to be vaccinated in order to travel on airplanes now while she cops that most airplanes filtration systems make transmission on the plane itself fairly rare. The bigger concern she says is transmission in airports and then wherever people are traveling to pointing out that the whole reason for international travel bans is to reduce spreads so is in our huge country with disparate state governments at similar risk and according to a recent new york times and kaiser family foundation pull that she shared forty one percent of people who said they were waiting to see about getting a vaccine would get one if they had to do so to travel even eleven percent of respondents who were entirely opposed to getting. The vaccine said they'd be swayed by travel ban quoting. I am the public debate. Making vaccination a precondition for travel employment and other activities as described this approach as vaccine mandates a term that to critics suggests that unvaccinated people are being ordered around arbitrarily. What is actually going on. Mostly is that institutions are shifting burdens to unvaccinated people denying them access to certain spaces requiring them to take regular cove in nineteen tests charging them for the cost of that testing rather than imposing greater burdens on everyone americans still have a choice to go unvaccinated but that means giving up on certain societal benefits. Nobody has a constitutional right to attend the lion. King on broadway or work at disney or walmart employers and entertainment venues are realizing that they can operate more easily without the hassle of planning around unvaccinated employees and customers

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