A highlight from Kaifu Lee Tells Our Future

Eye On A.I.


With kaifu. Lee a seminal player in the development of a i in china having played key roles in the establishment of both microsoft research and google. Their kaifu is a prominent commentator on the development of a i in china and has increasingly morphed into a futurist using his knowledge to make educated guesses about how a i will affect the development of humanity a couple of years ago. I had kaifu on the podcast to talk about his book. A superpowers china's silicon valley and the new world order now cave who has a new and very different book coming out titled simply a i. Twenty forty one written with the science fiction novelist tend to the book contains a series of stories about how. Ai might impact our lives twenty years from now and some of the benefits and drawbacks. The technology might bring the stories ranged from the possible to the improbable but also give readers food for thought. Kaifu talked about the book and his optimism as well as some of the dangers lurking ahead. I hope you find

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