Can You Really Freeze Fat Away?

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Talking about that phrasing today which is very popular. Non invasive body sculpting treatment the scientific name full-fat freezing is cairo lippo. Uscis which i know is a little bit of a mouthful kyra means cold leiper meaning fats and lascivious meaning to dissolve all loosen but you've probably seen it marketed as coo sculpting. Which is the only branch have fda approval however they awesome other names floating around the treatment was actually invented. I think this is so interesting by observing what happens when kids eight. I pose see. Now when like little children alike aiding the icy polls and i kind of just leave them in their mouths this sort of sitting against their cheek so the car founders of this treatment. We're intrigued when something called cold. Induced fat necrosis was reported to occur off. Today's kids eight. The icy post that will sort of left resting on their cheeks for several minutes. Skin samples taken from patients like these showed inflammation in the fight but normal skin. So thus i love using would thus it appeared that that may be more sensitive to cold injury than other tissue types. Using this concept a cooling device was tested on pigs. Sorry pigs in two thousand and seven to save fat cells could be selectively destroyed. The results were very promising. There was was about a half an inch reduction in the peaks. Fat layer in the treated areas so by two thousand and ten the first cairo. Lopo asus technology approved for human use named coup sculpting was cleared as a treatment for love handles and then clearance full. Treating other parts of the body was soon pastas well and those parts of the bodies will like you thought is to saddles. You back saddles. You belly abroa- fat onto side of the bomb bomb and even your chin so all of those have been fda approved as well. But how exactly does it work. Unfortunately no one knows for show which doesn't exactly sound promising but basically a special vacuumed applicator is applied to an area of the body and controlled cooling technique lowest the treated area to minus nine degrees and that's celsius cooling energy traits. The thought la without any damage to surrounding cells and experts. Think that because fat cells cannot survive at this temperate cha a few days after treatment. The cooled fat cells die and over the next few months. You'll buddy will actually digest. The dead fat

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