LeBron James Deletes Fiery Tweet Calling out Lakers Haters


Let's get to LeBron James. So LeBron James has tweeted. All right. Well, then he took it back. So we all know that the Lakers partially out of desperation, They've had to retool the back end of the roster because they've got no money. They've got no financial flexibility with the three guys making the money that they are with LeBron a DNA Russell Westbrook in the mix, so they recently added Carmelo, who is 37 Trevor, reasons 36 Dwight Howard is 35 Wayne Ellington, who's a young buck. He's 33 get baseboards. 32 Westbrook is 32 as well, but he's got the big money. So LeBron wrote, just tweeted this out, and he said Keep talking about my squad. Our personal ages. The way he plays, he stays injured. We're past our time in the league, etcetera, etcetera. Do me one favor, please. And I mean, please. He's going caps and exclamations. LeBron must be serious. Keep that same narrative energy caps when it begins, exclamation. That's all I ask Hashtag. Thank you. Then he deleted it. Yeah, because we will you deleting it for that? We will keep it that way. When it begins. We are fair on this show. We will. But why are they the leading? They play Great. Then go say we're wrong.

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