Report: Deshaun Watson Trade Talks Heating up Between Eagles and Texans


Reports are out there going back to the National Football League. Shawn Watson, right now glorified practice safety for the Houston Texans. They didn't now say he's been dealing with ankle injuries. Wink, wink, nudge nudge. That's why had they have not been out their quarterback in any kind of practice that if it's Simmons I saw that maybe just maybe. The Philadelphia Eagles, who have not committed to Jalen hurts, Nick Syriana, the head coach, say Right now there's no QB one QB two, but he's done some nice things. Reports out of the Philadelphia Eagles could be interested in to Shawn Watson. This may be the worst thing to do to a brand new coach is to bring in that distraction that has not been settled in that city that loves the e A. G. L E s eagles If they're even thinking about this Regarding to Shawn Watson.

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