'Not Your Mother’s Tiffany' Campaign Sparks Backlash

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And company has a new marketing campaign. Just about everyone hates it so in this campaign which is online and it's on posters. There is pictured some variety of a young woman looking real cash wearing a piece of tiffany jewelry. She's wearing like high wasted jeans a tank top kind of thing and the big black taxed just says not. Your mother's tiffany. This is the first big campaign since. Lvmh bought tiffany's last year for remember it. Sixteen billion dollars. Then the pandemic and people weren't exactly buying jewelry which was not a good luck for tiffany. The rams of laying low and now that we are emerging from the pandemic fingers crossed. It is clear to just about everyone in the jewelry and luxury markets that tiffany is sort of olden dusty and could use new energy. They just recently pulled this trick where they made everything yellow including their bosses. They were disliked throwing off the norm. We didn't even talk about that but it did a yellow campaign yes and they try that at the same time. It's also becoming clear that gen z. Is ready to spend money but they are very particular about where they're spending money. You have this campaign that seems to be targeting gen z. Or a very young millennial but at the same time you are discounting you meaning tiffany. Tiffany is discounting their core market. Which is women are at the very least millennial age if not older right discounting completely forgetting that they spend money with you. They don't seem to want to be told that the brand isn't for them anymore. So social media hates it analysts and branding experts hater. I hate it. I think it feels cheap and to like some up. How cheap this is. I really liked this quote from marketing brew. They had a bit from katie. Keating who is founding partner and co chief creative officer at an ad agency called fancy. And here's what she had to say boy. Do i have a lot of feelings about this campaign. None of them good. It's too easy. It's been done plenty of times in one version or another to say desperately. We're not old fashioned. No really. we're not it's like they're apologizing for the previous one hundred eighty four years. Yeah and then. There's the issue of tossing one generation away in favor of another not cool especially when that other generation has been loyal customers for

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