The Fact About the Nation's Debt


Actually had two senators call me today And thank me for my monologue on life liberty and Levin how I cleared up this whole issue of the debt And how the nation will not Avoid paying its debt That is unless the president of the United States chooses to do that which would be unconstitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment Just remember we bring in the government brings in rather $320 billion give or take every month The debt service every month is $44 billion So you can do the math $44 billion is the debt service $320 billion is the gross that the federal government brings in from all sources So there's more than enough 85% or so left To pay for social security which is to be paid Medicare which is to be paid federal pensions and other veterans which are to be paid And there's other issues in there too that are to be paid And the rest they have to debate over And what the Democrats have said is we don't want to put a figure in there We want to go into December 2022 with no cap on spending whatsoever So the Republicans said number one there's no reason to default on the Dutch as pay it Pay the debt service and number Two we're not giving you carte blanche Now those are the facts you won't read them in the New York slimes of the Washington compost It won't hear them in the constipated news network and you won't hear them on MSL SD Nor will you hear any of it on NBC ABC or CBS

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