Zack Reneau-Wedeen Leaves Google Podcasts on a High



The founder of google. Podcasts zach renault. Were dean has left the company. He's now working on crypto currency for investment platform. Robin hood. we understand. He hadn't been working on podcasts within the company for some time. Gay bender google podcasts product. Lead left in april two. Who's driving google podcasts. Today steve mcclendon a former co founder of sixty db which google bought in two thousand. Seventeen describes himself on twitter as working on podcast stuff at google and the team is also working on a tech refresh of feed burner. So what did zach achieve. While the google podcasts android app hit one hundred million downloads in april and july both sprout reports that it had hates three percent of all. Podcast plays baking google podcasts. The world's third largest podcast app behind apple and spotify. Podcasts are also highlighted within the main google search and google podcast link quirks on every single android phone since the players actually built into the always present. Google app and the same link also works on ios and desktop as well

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