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Here's bob and sheri excitement you want. It's the bob. and sheri. show the two of the music with bob. i want to be here and sherry. You'd think i wanna be garret now broadcasting from the palatial bob and sheri studios ed's bombing sherry our starting out as a young broadcaster program director said to me. Make sure that when you're on the air you always make the people listening feel good. That's what we're here for. Relate to the people make sure you make them feel good so i have for you now. Ten things that makes us angry as i don't listen to nobody way i go own way. What was it. One of our coworkers said the cheese stands alone referring. I but i love this kind of thing. How many of these these these are things that make us angry at the office by the way. Okay at work so if you were angry with any of these Number one other co workers taking credit for your work hotel the about it. Tell me about it. I i worked for a guy wants program director once and i came to him and i said had an idea. There's this issue that i'm interested in. I'm going to present it on behalf of our listeners. To the city council. I forget what it was opening up some park land or something like that in a so. I went down to the city. I was going to get on the city council and have my five minutes in presented right so he goes into the the big boss's office and suggests that he doesn't and then and took credit for He took credit for. And i didn't get to do it. Yeah that's a really crappy underhanded things back that that's bad karma blows up on you or yeah that's right Number two computer problems from crashes to the internet going out. I was cursing the internet this morning today in here. that's right. Rude clients You know we've only had one or two over the years that's not really thing we deal with not well but we meet a lot of our clients yet. But they're not rude. No that's right. I mean we're very lucky that way number. Four arguments over making coffee. Well we make are wrong with those little pod things so that's not a problem so much for us anymore except one of our co worker steals cases coffee. Oh yeah got guy got caught stealing all the coffee and got fired. Got fired him on the campus cameras everywhere. In this building there are cameras everywhere in the country in the world. You can't be doing that Number five not having time for a lunch break. I haven't had that problem. But if i did i would not like it. Tell you one that there's always time for and that is mr bob. He's got to have maybe eating some lies so bad. Why is that so funny. That i have lunch it goes back to when i was in exterminator. Driving around killing bugs and bob have a lunch break. Having lines love lunch breaks. I do number six the mere fact that it's monday in the weekends over. Yeah but sometimes you say to yourself you know. Glad i got a gig. I don't hate mondays the way other people do But i got a real issue with tuesday. Yeah we talked about real. Grudging tuesday header. What do you think that is. I mean monday. It is what it is to stay is what good thing has ever rolled your way on tuesday we. I think we were talking about that and there was a study done. No time for teas. Yeah people people say. Monday is inevitable right. It's that's part of li- man. Yes but tuesday's it's got it's got no crap show. It's not the faith thing it's not the gateway to the weekend. It's not friday where no one does much. It doesn't even have the decency to be monday where you know when you hate tuesday. Your own population. Spit on tuesday Then what else do we have here. you know the tuesday society is on the phone and they have an attorney. That's gonna file suit against you Number seven is People talking when you're trying to concentrate Not really been a problem here. Like that lunchbreak thing but we wouldn't like it. If it happens it happens to me in the studio see now. There was a time when i do it to you. I was in the studio all by myself then for some reason this room became a conference room office. I'm going to make a confession and you'll understand what it's like to be a mom in one second When you're a mom no matter what you're doing however boring or whoa unappealing it is your kids. Want to be with you so even though we have toys and tv's in our house. If i'm sitting at the kitchen table doing something. My kids are on me like glue. That's how i am with you. You're like the mom figure for me. I want to sit in the studio and look at silly videos and talk on the phone just to be with you rather than go downstairs than a kid. You have an open mic and you. You start Sneezing or blowing your nose on an opening. what are you a guy. It's like i'm doing a show in jersey with a with a guy sometimes seasonal allergy. I'm feeling for hey show. She'll do that she'll say. Meet the guys who say. You're just a hater and then bench. She'll be one of them. I don't listen to the haters. If you have allergies you know. That's what it is co workers messing up your desk. Well this big table. I work at my desk and you do that constantly. I can't even find stuff and finally the printer. Not working right printers. I hate them. I hate printers especially my home printer. Terrible there's no printer ephraim. It's never they've never more than eight days. That's exactly on sale in banking stock. It surely lynch's cookbook. Cooking with cats. See wanted critics are raving about our vapor oranmore with great recipes and pictures of fabulous felines. Is it available in stores. Can you get it on amazon. You can only get it. In the bob and sheri store conveniently located at bob and sheri dot com the sherry lynch's cooking with cads cooked in the making this stuff. You

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