Remembering Legendary Rolling Stones Drummer Charlie Watts

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Charlie Watts joined the Rolling Stones in the early days of the band 1963. It was a bit of a left turn. His early interest was in jazz, percussion and I love this quote from Charlie about joining the band, he said. It meant decades of quote, seeing mixed bum running around in front of me. Which in a way sums up what Charlie did. He provided the steady beat for the group, a group of rock stars who unlike him, embraced the rock star lifestyle and the limelight. Today. We really wanted to start by talking to someone who can help us parse out how important Charlie's worked with the Rolling Stones was Rob Bowman is a Grammy winner and professor of music at York University, as well as a music writer. He first met Charlie Watts in 2000, and two when he was interviewing him for a Rolling Stones book. And he kept in touch with Charlie ever since. Hi, Rob. Thanks for joining us. Good morning. How are you? I am. Well, I want to say I'm really sorry for your loss. Um, what was the first thing that came to your mind when you when you heard the news that Charlie Watts don't I guess. Shock so numb stand, you know, I've been worried for several years. Sooner or later. One of the Rolling Stones are just it was going to pass away or get sick and they were going to be able to play and, uh Couple weeks ago, Of course, Charlie announced Buddy, You've got an emergency operation and wouldn't play the tour and I thought it was so weird that they were going to do the tour without him, because that's not like them. Keith had always said they would never play without Charlie and figure it out. And, of course, when he passed yesterday, my meat so it is. That's why they decided to play the tour. They knew Charlie was dying, and Charlie. I told him to go ahead play. What do you remember? What do you remember first about meeting him? What was he like? He was an amazing, gentle, humble man with an incredible mind for jazz

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