Officers and Medics Indicted in Elijah McClain's 2019 Death


Back in two thousand nineteen hundred twenty three year old. Elijah mclean died after a violent encounter with police today two years after his death a colorado grand jury has finally indicted three police officers and two paramedics our report tonight from nbc news correspondent gabe gutierrez similar unit. We're fighting tonight. Police officers and paramedics in aurora colorado are facing criminal charges after stopping. Twenty-three-year-old elisha mclean while. He walked home from a convenience store here today because allies is not here and he should police had gotten a call about a suspicious man wearing a mask introverts. They restrained him with corroded hull than paramedics injected him with a powerful senate. Kademi is now a thirty to count indictment two officers former officer and two paramedics each face account of manslaughter. In criminally-negligent homicide four of the five also face assault charges mcleans family described him as a kind introvert who played violin to comfort cats at an animal shelter. They say he often wore masks to keep warm because of a blood condition a loud and resounding statement that nobody is above the law right after his death august. Twenty one thousand nine prosecutors did not charge anyone protesters but the case drew renewed attention last year following the murder of george floyd. Some of mclean's last words. I'm just different became a rallying. Cry calling that response. A hysterical overreaction. Today the aurora police union said our officers did nothing wrong. Sadly mr mcclean do a combination of exertion due to his decision to violently resist arrest and a pre existing heart condition but mclean's father wept as he heard the news disneyland. Bit people will be held accountable with the and i know my saying be smiley. Legal experts. Say that while it's unusual for police officers to face charges in this type of case. It's extremely rare for paramedics to do so.

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