Is a Parent Responsible for Their Child's Education?


Is the education of your children your responsibility your parent. What is the role of a parent. When it comes to your child's education now it might seem rather obvious well. It's my responsibility as a parent. Well this is something that half the country or the people in charge of our country might fundamentally disagree with. I'm reminded by this passage of the code of nature sacred and fundamental laws in seventeen. Seventy five right. Before the french revolution french socialist writer wrote this that all children upon reaching the age of ten will leave the common paternal residents and will go into the workshops where they'll be housed fed and dress were. They will be instructed by the masters and chiefs of the various professions whom they will obey as they would their own parents. They will all receive common treatment now. Of course this idea that the state is actually in control of your child was implemented in very clumsy way through the jackson's and the french revolution but it was also implemented in the cultural revolution in mousa- tongues china in the russian revolution in russia to break the bond between a parent and a child has always been a top priority of the collectivist.

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