Is This Part of God's Plan to Wake the Sleepwalkers?


Am convinced that god has allowed this to happen to us to wake up people and not just to wake up the church but to wake up patriots too. Because you know when you're talking about something like truth all truth is of god. He is truth. There are people that have been sleepwalking. And things have been okay and they don't need to do anything. I we pay our taxes and we try to not break the law and we go and you realize no in order to keep the republic. There's more to do and we've forgotton for about fifty years. How serious it is to keep freedom and what is happening now as you said people are waking up it is getting so ugly but it's like suddenly it it reminds me of like in a thriller. you know or was saying when i recognize suddenly i realize your votes dominance like there's a moment when you realize that the other person realizes they they're onto you and at that moment everything changes and so. I think what has happened with. This current administration is that they've kind of realized that if they don't win like they better be really careful because people are kind of onto them so they think it's an all out war now and they are pushing things that we couldn't have dreamt of even a year ago. I mean absurd things. What happened in afghanistan. I to this day can't begin to understand how it's possible even for somebody as incompetent and horrible as joe biden. It's hard for me to perceive that they were well when you consider that we hadn't lost servicemen eighteen months prior to that not not one american died in afghanistan. Well but i mean it's not even that i mean that just makes it dramatic but i mean to leave behind eighty billion dollars like there's no part of my brain that can comprehend how any president would allow

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