Tracking Clinton Campaign Lawyer Michael Sussmann Since the Nunes Report


So everything I did based on the house Intel drop was chrono chronological order as it was presented And it starts here From the Nunes memo both the DOJ and the FBI petitioned the fisa court to begin to surveil a Trump campaign adviser we later learned was Carter page On October 21st 2016 just two and a half weeks before the election The application had to be certified by the FBI's director or deputy director The attorney general Deputy Attorney General or assistant attorney general to the NSA The initial warrant on Carter page was issued and renewed three times Every 90 days which took you through the rest of the campaign Through the election the president elect period in the early months of the Trump presidency FBI director James Comey signed three of those fisa court warrants Comey sign three deputy FBI director Andrew mccabe signed one Deputy Attorney General's Sally Yates Dana bonetta and rod Rosenstein they signed one Christopher Steele was an FBI source He was initially paid first payment a $160,000 by the DNC and the Clinton campaign to create the dossier via Perkins coy and fusion GPS Okay so this is now the place where sussman fits in Everywhere we have the law firm Perkins coy We now know that was sussman

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