Hawaii Governor Begs Tourists to Stay Away as Covid Surges


You to stay home and you can blame rising covid infections and hospitalizations. Alex Stone is covering this for ABC News and spoke with Cuomo's Taylor van size Alex. Tourism It doesn't take a genius to know is essential to the Hawaiian economy. How bad is the situation on the ground there to warrant their governor to issue this kind of a request? Yes, Taylor pretty abrupt change for Hawaii. Being that they were hit so hard last year, and in the last couple of months, travel has been booming Hotels been packed. Crisis through the roof. Car rentals have been hard to find flights have been full. They've been wanting the money they've been saying, come on in. And and now it Covid rising in Hawaii, the governor David IgE, Saying, Do not go to the island. Here's how he put it is not a good time to travel to the island. Uh, restaurant capacity has been restricted. There is limited access to rent a cars. He's asking tourists to stay away and for travel to Hawaii to be only for business. Hawaii's seven day average hitting 671 yesterday, triple what it was four weeks ago. Hospital resources on the island are limited. And he said hospitals are at capacity. Our ICUs are full. This comes as Hawaii has really strict entry rules, police enforced quarantine or proof of vaccination or a negative test and We talked to passengers at L. A X today, hopping on flights to Hawaii and they're saying no, They're not going to cancel their trips. They're going to go anywhere. That's enough. It's been two years. I need to go on vacation Last year was cancelled. As

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