Social Justice for Young Learners


I shall be. I'm so happy you're here on the podcast today. I'm so happy that you've reached out so we can learn a little bit more about you. Know your thoughts on social justice and a little bit about your company and Some practical tapes that you might have for teachers so if you wanna just go ahead and introduce yourself to us please. Absolutely i'm so excited to be here and chat with you. Talk about all things social justice and education. My name is shelby kratz. I am the founder of little justice leaders subscription box that helps educators integrate social justice into their curriculum with kids And i'm also phd candidate at ucla Working on my degree in education And i've spent about a decade now working and various roles in education so i really You know love working with teachers. And i'm excited to talk about social justice education today. Wonderful wonderful so you have a very varied background in education very yes. So what experiences made you believe in social justice and social justice teaching. And what made you want to start your company like what were some of the things the catalyst for that. Yeah absolutely so Around the time of the two thousand sixteen election I was spending a lot of times in schools working on my research. And i had just been working In the school for a few years before that so i was hearing a lot from teachers and parents that they didn't quite know how to talk to other students to their kids about what was going on in the media and the news at that time it was a lot of xenophobia. A lot of racism. Sexism sajjan coming up in the in the news all over the media and you know these parents and teachers were just like. I have no idea how to purchase with you know. Let's say kindergartner. Or a third grader. and so a lot of what i heard was okay so i'm just not going to talk about it at all

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