Youtuber Shoe On Head's Claim of 7-Year-Old Selling Lemonade for Brain Surgery Bogus


I guess there was some demonstration in new york city about health gap. And you know at anti a radio one of the signs patients not prophets right because it's a charity right. Health health can be run as a charity and she is holding in her post on instagram. A placard taken from and newspaper and it's a headline so i stopped to read it. I want to talk about it. Why because it's a beautiful case study of useful idiocy and propaganda headline that she photocopied. Oh somebody gave to her on the on the placard girl seven cells limousine to pay for brain surgery. Wow shocking right. A girl seven years old cells lemonade and the lemonade stand to pay for her brain surgery. How outrageous and underneath she scribbled or somebody skill on the plant gone on the headline. This underlying should never underline happened in the richest on the line country on earth on the line. I wonder why she underlined earth. You creationist. i don't think so. This should never happen in the richest country on your i. Did i agree with you. Shoot if i may. I agree with you. Seven-year-old girl shouldn't have to sell lemonade for her brain surgery. The trouble is issue. It never happened. Yeah because i was so incensed by the story thinking yeah. I'm an american. This is wrong. You know what i did. I was actually driving home from waiting. I mentioned earlier. My wife was driving. So i i was in the passenger seat and i use this thing called the interwebs yes. I'm older than you. But i do know how to do this. Which is surprising. Because you're on youtube. Your bidding younger than me so i thought maybe you had done this yourself and the third the third story i looked at when i put in seven year old girl brain surgery. Lemonade ended. I wasn't complicated. The third story i looked at was from web. Md and it was a lengthy story from this. You know serious website on medical issues that broke down who it was what was wrong with her which hospital where she was at and eliminate story. And what did. I find in paragraph seven or eight which i sent to shoe. Just you know being decent citizen. Her parents insurance cover the costs of the brain surgery. She sold some lemonade to do one. Pay for ancillary things to have frames. Be able to fly to her clinic. It's an otter complete gas lighting. Lie it is the worst propaganda using the sickness of. Hfs for your political ends. Shame on us shoe

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