Abby Wambach on What It Means to Find Your True Self


The book you wrote you. The chapters are all ways. People had seen you write and categories. You'd but sometimes walked into willingly and and sometimes is that had been an armor right so it was everything from you or how you seen yourself. We fraud tomboy rebel teammate. Lesbian manic depressive captain leader romantic hero addict failure and then the last chapter is human somewhere. You said i had created yourself. All these categories that were both generated from you generated externally helped create you but shut you off from becoming human fully. Human glennon has said this a lot. you know. We're all kinda like russian nesting dolls and as we get older. We kinda keep putting on all of these costumes. And that's what i thought for me growing up. That's what i thought. I had to do to mature to age to get. Wisdom is to put on all these different costumes and see which one fit. And i think that now having gone through a lot of my life granted i'm still fairly young thirty eight but i realized that the more you can actually take those costumes off and get down to that little small immobile russian nesting doll. That is like who you are your true self that is like the humanity of all of us and we all are in there. I visited very random. But i just wanna share it. Because it was reading thinking he ended with human which seems like the simplest most elemental thing of all but is really the work of a lifetime. Right i was thinking about this you. When i studied theology paul tillich wrote the courage to be and he's called an existentialist feel ogen. I read it when i was older. Because i was emphasized when i thought that to be that being but the current the book is actually about how the courage it takes right. The courage is the work.

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