Arizona Congressional Candidate Eli Crane Is in a Winnable District


So I got Eli Crane coming up at the top of the hour Congressional candidate from Arizona Former Navy seal You may have seen him on shark tank. What did you have that bottle breacher thing, But he's in a very winnable district. I got him coming up at the top of the hour, so we'll ask him some questions and where his campaign stands, how he's doing. I like you know, these are winnable district, So I like to have candidates. Candidates are from these winnable districts and highlight, hopefully help them along. You know? Running in some of these races, folks you ever here and I don't want to get off target, But you ever hear of the cook? You're going to be involved in politics. You really need to know this number what it means. Right. Click like you know, Cook in the kitchen. After guy. His last name is Cook, and it stands for the partisan value Index. You need to look at up for every congressional district. You either want to get involved in or you know, support candidates said. Because there is some districts that and I'm not saying you shouldn't get bombed. We shouldn't run quality candidates, but our candidly not not winnable by almost simple math. In other words, If you're looking at a New York City district in certain areas of the Bronx or Upper Manhattan, they have cook partisan value indexes. Of You know, D plus 30. And what it does is it measures the party affiliation? Uh, the Democrats the measures the congressional performance over the average of two presidential cycles as compared to the presidential race point being if it's a Democrat, Plus, like six or seven district or higher, the chances of winning are almost nil. Bring that up because Cranie like cranes in a district. It's very winnable, according to the Cook PV II, So it's an R, plus two and as a Democrat in there now So these are winnable

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