The Maritime History of Fred. Olsen Cruises


Family history. This week is all about fred. Also which we just briefly spoke about. what what. What's what's the story this week. Might i thought it was an interesting one. Because obviously they have been changing that fleet quite a bit the continue ships and as you mentioned of course what planning to commence inaugural voyages but the ships and the brand itself. Outside of the might not be one of the most known Cruise lines around there. But it's actually had a very long heritage. Yeah it has it so dates back. I'm one hundred seventeen years And all the way back to eighteen forties I says a family business which is which one of the things that's really interesting is being run by generations of the olson family and First An impressive Who founded the company was fridge olsen and his brothers will also captains of ships and i became ship owners so the family had a sort of a long deep rooted connection with shipping End as the company grew in terms of its size from small sort of sailing ships up to powered vessels. A variety of different members of the family were involved in operations running the company nine in eighteen seventy five to olsen took over an eight hundred full thomas. Fred olsen took command of one of his father's vessels at the age of twenty three the captain at twenty three. It's pretty impressive And so that was sort of foundation years of of the of the company And then if you fast forward to twentieth century by nineteen fourteen. The operation included forty four ships so You know much more than than one day. Passenger ships but for ships is is a big fleet

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