Here’s What Charlie Thinks of Sarah Silverman’s National Divorce


People are saying charlie. I saw clip. Sarah silverman asking whether or not we should separate as a nation. What are your thoughts. I do have some very. Let's say clear thoughts on sarah silverman in general okay. Sarah silverman basically calls for a divorce a national divorce. We have said on this program for quite some time that unfortunately the way things are headed. We are heading for a national divorce. If we are not able to unify our forces and now sarah silverman who supposed to be a comedian of really never heard her saying anything. Funny as this assay play tape select. Why don't we just finally just realize that this these states aren't working and like divide up until like two or three countries of the usa one in usa to and will be allies. And you'll come over here and we'll go over there and you know when you come to certain many times when you go to a different country. You have to get a vaccine. Now she's coming under a lot of backlash for what she said. But it's not entirely dumb because that's actually where people are headed because we actually are living in that country right now. When i go to los angeles when i go to san francisco. It's a completely different experience then living in arizona. I don't want it to be that way. I'd love to see unification and people coming together. But basically what she's saying is like i don't wanna live with people like charlie kirk or conservatives. Just kick them out of the country. We'll have our own way to do things. We'll just kind of figure it out ourselves.

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