Haitian Government Asks Biden Administration to Pause Mass Deportations


The haitian government is asking the biden administration to pause mass deportations of migrants back to haiti amid a surge of haitian migrants crossing the rio grande river river. Nbc news correspondent. Morgan chaska got exclusive access to the southern texas encampment. These migrants are now calling home. These are the men women and children calling the shade of texas border bridge. Whole the group. Mostly from haiti. Now number nearly fifteen thousand strong. They've come here with little hoping to claim asylum and turn launching a massive mission for state and federal agencies secure. The border provide and process every single person over the last few days we moved approximately thirty three hundred individuals. We expect that number to increase in the days ahead. Our crew granted exclusive access to visit with those whose futures remain uncertain. This woman named yvo telling us she's been here more than a week and his barely eaten for many. They're only nourishment the food and water handouts. That can't come fast enough now has been only a matter of days since this group's swelled in size underneath the bridge but as we push this direction you can see that there is already a small city that has formed here in the shadow out this rich plants from the riverbank being used in some cases as temporary roofs as children playing the shade. Everyone trying to do whatever they can to stay cool. Massive accusations along the border began this morning. Some planes flying migrants from san antonio direct to port-au-prince haiti others are being bused to other processing locations. Such as paso laredo. Those flown home today returned to a country still reeling from a devastating earthquake. Deportation flights only expected to arrive in the coming

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