A highlight from 1009 - Quiet Connie | Tales of Lady Witchbeard Ep 8

Sleep With Me


If you're an action sport right now right in our show notes organizations you can connect with your important take that extra step inter-communities important being apart a positive change taking action that says black lives matter that says stop a p. I hate that says. Let's change for the better. There's links to organizations you can connect to to start that process to get started right now. In one of those organizations i support is One thousand women. Strong one k. Women's strong last time i loaded up Their twitter nominal load up or their instagram nominal. Load up their twitter right now and social media. It's one k- women's strong in one thousand. One strong is a national constituency. Platform centered around the civic and communal progression advancement of black women. And right now. You can take action right now by going to their website. Go in a social media using the link tree in our show notes in taking action to support or work and cancelling student debt That's one k. Women's strong check it out Mr lots of people help out in the show. Who are they post or some sounds. Carol ws alleged candy. Scotty jennifer arrogant website. Stream bar commissioned at song eraser. Tell me the story personal. You see the kind shine straight on sinners phone kids stacey sarah julian jennifer these your non iranian majel support. Sponsors can find anything you asleep with me doug on and we're so proud. We could dance. Rusty bisque panetta does transcript. Thanks mr bar. What do you say we slow it down and get on with the show here you up all night tossing turning of mind racing and trouble getting to slip trouble. Staying asleep will welcome. This is sleep with me the podcast. They're put shoe. We do with a bedtime story you need to do is get in bed and turn out the lights and restful and i'm gonna do the rest of what i'm going to attempt to do is create is safe place where you could set aside. Whatever keeping your wakened whether it's thoughts things on your mind about the past present future thoughts that are coming for me. It's like all these dots come up on the earth and seemingly they do come up on their own and they wanna tell me a bunch of stuff about me or the past the bressan the future it could be so it could be saw. It could be feeling anything coming up for you emotionally related to those thoughts or just. That's just there could be physical sensations. It could be changes in time or temperature or routine it could be something situational or something coming up or something that just happened or maybe something else if it is if i don't know what it is you could let me know you could just share with me a lot of listeners. They just share their story. A little bit with me and they say thanks. This is our heard about this show or whatever but whatever it is it's keeping awake. I'm going try to help in my own way. This shows very different than the shows. It can't have was like one of the or i sleep. Podcast i think Or this but it's still a little bit different than most other stuff out there because they do it a little bit differently so would i. Would i propose you the main thing. I'm trying to create a safe place where you could set aside whatever's keeping you awake also. I repeat myself a lot so Or do did. But what i'll do is i'll send my voice across the deep dirk night at. That's the first step of the safe place. I'll use lulling soothing. Kuroki dulcet tones. Pointless meanders superfluous tangents.

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