The Creation Story of Indico With Co-Founder Slater Victoroff

Code Story


This is the creation story of indigo indigo. The ten thousand foot level is an intelligent process automation company. What that means for us is that we're taking some of the most complex and l. right the kind of stuff that you hear coming out of opening in google you know not only do we have into co alums. The nation's sort of advisors and liberate with them but our goal really rather than intermittently kind of moving forward. The architectural state of the art is really this idea of how we take that technology and make accessible specifically to nontechnical use. In-intelligence prasada automation. Do that primarily in the document domain. If you will from an email perspective the thing that's cool about documents is that they are image data combined with text data So you know we. We do imaging text use cases as well but but documents primarily. we're very classic dorm room startup. I would love to tell you that you know i was some some you know. Brilliant engineer undergrad. And i planted plotted out. This ten year plan of iv going to become a thing. But it really wasn't that honestly me and my co founders and that's rat for madison and diana. We just fell into it accidentally. Frankly we fell in love with the technology and then we became entranced with this idea. Of how do we actually make. Success did now realize the path that was going to lead us all the time. But very happy that it's ended up this way.

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