Paralympic Swimmer Morgan Stickney's Early Beginnings

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So the store you're going to tell us is about a young woman. You recently interviewed a swimmer named morgan. Stickney who will be competing at the paralympics in tokyo beginning next week. So let me start with this. What is it that drew you to her story. Well so part of this is that it's an interesting medical mystery. Which i'll explain a minute. It's also a story that includes a pretty cool medical innovation that could one day be a game changer for a lot of people but i think fundamentally morgan story is one of the most inspiring personal journey stories that i've ever heard she's now twenty four years old and she has gone through some things that are truly hard to wrap your head around and she has somehow come out on the other side. So let's start at the beginning. Take us back to the early part of morgan's stick news life. What can you tell us about her in the role that swimming played in her life growing up. Yes so morgan. Grew up in new hampshire. She played a bunch of sports. You mentioned soccer. Gymnastics and horseback riding but swimming was the thing that really stuck. There was just something about the water. That i really enjoyed. I feel like i mean you're in barter there's no gravity and it's just. It's just a great feeling than i liked mckinley. Now just pushing my body. And what's funny is. She told me that she was actually really bad when she first started out i was terrible at swimming. Is i just remember going into swim. Meets and having so much fun and just like coming in dead last. But i like just had so much fun with it but because she loved it so much she just loved being in the water she kept at it. She was swimming all the time swimming all the laps and by her early teens. She says she was ranked in the top twenty in the country in the mile. So you know getting a college scholarship. Maybe even competing in the olympics day. Those were realistic dreams for her.

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